Runway Update 12/7/2017

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am happy to announce that after much work, we have received a committed date for the county to begin work on our runway.

The company delivering the fly-ash/lime mixture has also agreed to commit to our cause and can deliver the mixture past December and into January despite the increased demand.

The firm date set for construction is January 22nd.  The delivery date of our mixture is also set for January 22nd and has some flexibility.  The project should take approximately 4 days to complete.

I would like thank everyone for their help, especially Charlie Alexander.  Without his persistence and drive in dealing with the county, we still might be back at square one.  Thank you Charlie !!!

The one thing we will have to do as a club now is provide a drainage tube to go under the cross runway before construction begins.  Best bet is probably a couple 20′ sections of 6″ diameter PVC available from Home Depot or something equivalent.

As always, any other comments, questions, or concerns, please let the Executive Council know.  Thank you again for all your help and support.

Best Regards,

Jon Athans
Houston Sport Flyers