Club Information

Where is Houston Sport Flyers located?

HSF flies at Shiveley R/C Flying Field, located on Kuykendahl 2.2 mi south of FM-1960 and .2 mi north of Ella Blvd. See our Location page for more info…

What’s going on at the field?
  • The following paragraph describes the work that has been going on at/around the field since 2015. The county signed off on the work in late 2020 and the contractors are gone; the club has completed a few improvements and is pulling together a master plan for 2021 and beyond.

When/where are HSF meetings held?

HSF meetings are held at the flying field at 9:00am on the first Saturday of each month.

Event Calendar

Location / Directions

What kinds of RC are welcome at HSF?

HSF is a ‘flying club’ with dedicated areas for helicopters/multi-rotor and control line, as well as the main flight line.  We have scale and sport flyers, pattern, 3D, soaring, FPV — if your vehicle can slip the surly bonds of earth (safely) then it’s probably welcome at HSF.  Please contact us or visit a meeting if you have questions…

At present we don’t have facilities for model rockets, cars or boats, but those could be considered in the future.


I’m interested in joining Houston Sport Flyers. What do I need to do?

Joining Houston Sport Flyers is easy!

  1. Attend a meeting and express your interest…  At each meeting we ask folks who are interested in joining the club to introduce themselves — where are you from, what do you do, how long have you been flying, what do you like to fly…  Easy stuff…
  2. We then ask you to visit the field (and fly, if you like!) several times over the next month…  This is your opportunity to get to know others in the club, and for club members to get to know you..!  That way we can all be sure that your membership is a good fit for HSF and for you…
  3. At the next club meeting after you’ve introduced yourself, a vote will be held on prospective members.  HSF bylaws require a unanimous decision on each member in order to join, but HSF is a great bunch of folks and there’s rarely an issue — if, after a month of getting to know folks, you feel HSF is a good fit for you, odds are that HSF will feel the same!
What does it cost to be a member?

To join HSF, there is an initiation fee of $30.

Dues are $120/calendar year.

Note: AMA Membership is required!  For more information: AMA Membership Options

Where can I find a membership application?

We’re working to move our membership application ‘on-line’, but for right now you can find an application at Membership Application

No need to mail the application in — you must be present at a meeting to introduce yourself and start the membership process, so just fill it out and bring it with you!

Can I ‘try out’ Houston Sport Flyers?

Of course!  Visitors are welcome to the field at any time…  The best time to visit is generally Saturday mornings — this is generally the busiest flying time; there are bound to be a few members around who can answer questions and/or help you get in touch with others who can…

Guests are allowed to fly up to 2 times a year with sponsoring members.  Often times a visitor will gladly be sponsored by a member who’s present.  If you want to be sure of a flying opportunity, you might want to reach out via the website or HSF’s Facebook page to arrange a time when a member will be present.

Prospective members are encouraged to fly as much as possible during the month after their introduction, and to meet as many members as possible.

There should be no flying at HSF if current members are not present.  Although Schiveley R/C Flying Field is a Harris County Precinct 1 park, its use is restricted to members and guest of Houston Sport Flyers.

Other Information

How do I find out more about the AMA?

The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) hosts a website at  Membership information (costs, benefits) is found at Membership Options

AMA membership is required in order to fly at HSF, whether member, prospective member or guest.