Can I ‘try out’ Houston Sport Flyers?

Of course!  Visitors are welcome to the field at any time…  The best time to visit is generally Saturday mornings — this is generally the busiest flying time; there are bound to be a few members around who can answer questions and/or help you get in touch with others who can…

Guests are allowed to fly up to 2 times a year with sponsoring members.  Often times a visitor will gladly be sponsored by a member who’s present.  If you want to be sure of a flying opportunity, you might want to reach out via the website or HSF’s Facebook page to arrange a time when a member will be present.

Prospective members are encouraged to fly as much as possible during the month after their introduction, and to meet as many members as possible.

There should be no flying at HSF if current members are not present.  Although Schiveley R/C Flying Field is a Harris County Precinct 1 park, its use is restricted to members and guest of Houston Sport Flyers.